For Students

Number One Rule for Online Kids

Be safe online just as you would in public among strangers. Never tell anyone your private information without permission from your parents.

Dress Code

  • Students are expected to wear clothes that are suitable to school and to all school related events.
  • Clothing that distracts from the education process will be subject to review.
  • Objectionable graphics, drug, alcohol or tobacco advertising is not allowed.
  • Hats or bandanas for girls and boys are permitted to and from school and during recesses but may not be worn in the building or classes.
  • Pants should be at the waist and appropriate size.
  • Shirts should extend over the waistband of the pants so no midriff is exposed and no undergarments or straps show.
  • No short-shorts, tank or swim strap type garments, makeup or wallet chains are allowed.
  • Students wearing attire that is not suitable will be reminded; call home to obtain appropriate clothing and/or the school will provide the appropriate item.

Playground Rules

The playground is for fun and exercise. It is a privilege to have a place to stay. Each student at Rockwell has a right to have fun and be safe on the playground. To make sure that the playground is fun and safe for everyone, each student needs to know and obey the rules.

Students may:

  • Play ball games like tetherball, handball, football, baseball, kickball, Danish Rounders and soccer. The rules that are taught in PE class are the ones to be used. The judge is the next person in line.
  • Play hopscotch and jump rope.
  • Bring toys, balls, and jump ropes from home, they must be shared and follow the school rules.
  • Play on the slide - on bottoms, feet first.
  • Play on the playground side of the path in the woods.
  • Enter the building from recess with a pass only.
  • Ring - Start at ring with green tape and go in one direction.
Students may not:

  • Play after the recess bell rings, they must line up and leave tetherballs alone.
  • Run on the blacktop or in the gravel.
  • Use inappropriate language, swearing or spitting.
  • Push, fight or play fight.
  • Throw pinecones, rocks, or sticks. They must remain on the ground at all times.
  • Play tag on the Big Toy or any place else.
  • Piggy back or pick up other students.
  • Take food or gum out of the building, except at lunch recess when it's popcorn or licorice day!
  • Bring any toys with batteries.
  • Pick up sticks, pick berries, leaves, or anything on the ground.
  • No digging.

Helpful Links

  • IXL Math Page Click on this link to sign in for the IXL Math
  • Lunch Menu Monthly calendar of school lunches. Lunch costs $3.75
  • Student Council Make a difference at Rockwell by getting involved in Student Council.
  • Supply Lists Recommended supply lists by grade level