Bicycle Policy

Students 10 years old and older are permitted to ride bikes to school.

The Lake Washington School District encourages the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation to school when safe. Bicycle routes designated by the local cities and county are included in the Suggested Walk Route maps. All elementary students above the age of 10 may ride a bicycle to school with a completed permission form signed by the parent/guardian. For students under the age of 10 an adult needs to accompany the student both to school and on the return trip home. Students are required to wear helmets. Below is a permission slip for you to complete and sign.

For riders age 10 and up, this permission slip must be signed and returned to the front office before your student can ride to/from school. No skateboards, in-line skates or scooters allowed.

Although we try to minimize the risk, the school would like parents to be aware that neither the school nor the Lake Washington School District can take the responsibility for lost, stolen or vandalized bicycles either while on school property or while enroute to and from school. We have a bike rack and encourage students to always lock their bicycles.