Here are important things to remember regarding Attendance/Early pick-ups-

  1. In order to maximize safety and streamline communication, we are working as a school to make attendance an office-facing process. Please follow the steps outlined below to report an absence (you are always welcome to cc the teacher as well). If the office is not contacted, the absence will remain unexcused in Skyward until we confer.
  2. Please do not request early dismissal during recesses and lunch. Once kids are at recess or lunch, it takes time to locate them, send them in, get their belongings and out to you.
  3. By notifying the office by 8:50am, we can happily coordinate a practical pick-up time to minimize class disruption and get you to your appointments on time.

Report your attendance (in order of priority – do not use all three)

  1. Email at –   OR
  2. Absences can be submitted on Skyward as well   OR
  3. Dial – 425-936-2671

Please provide following information-  speak slowly if calling in

  • Student’s first & last name --  (Spell last name)  
  • Grade –
  • Teacher’s Name – 
  • Date –
  • Time – (if picking up early or arriving late)
  • Reason – (is step is a must *otherwise marked as unexcused absence)

We want to encourage and support your student in attending and participating in class each day.  If your child will be absent, please report the absent using one of the following methods.