Battle of the Books 2023-2024

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This year we are continuing our annual tradition of offering the Battle of the Books reading incentive program to our students. It is a fun way to read books in new genres, work with a team to compete and win awesome prizes!  Read more about the program below and what books we are reading this year! I hope you will join!!!

Here is how the program works:

  • Students in 4th and 5th grade can participate
  • Students will read books from a Librarian provided list (12 titles) starting in the fall
  • 3 copies of each title will be available to check out from the library. Battle of the Books titles can be renewed once for a total of two weeks. This is to allow all students that are interested in participating a chance to read the books. King County Library is also a good resource for checking out the books. They have books in several other formats like eBooks and audiobooks.
  • Families can feel free to purchase these books for their children to read as well.
  • Students will form teams of 4 students, with the option to have a 5th team member as an alternate.

After Winter break (January), we will start the competition rounds. There will be multiple battles per round.

  • Round 1- student teams will compete against other teams in their own classroom 
  • Round 2- student teams will compete against other teams winning classroom teams in their grade
  • Round 3- student teams will compete against the winning team from the other grade (4th vs. 5th) to crown the Rockwell champion team

What do the competitions look like?

Teams will read the books and take notes/study as a team. This is the student’s responsibility to schedule and arrange with their team. Students can read all the books themselves or split the books up among their teammates-that is their choice. Battles will be 20 minutes long and take place during library class time and student’s recess time. Questions will be created with facts from the books. Student teams will work together to come up with an answer. Each team will get one point for each correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the 20 minutes will move on to the next round.

We look forward to watching our Beagles participate in this great program!
Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Mrs. Gordon- 

This years list of books!








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