Battle of the Books 2020-2021




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UPDATE! Battle of the books competition season begins!

The awesome 4th and 5th grade Battle teams have been working hard reading all school year. In addition, we have created private Teams channels for collaboration so they have been planning too! What's next?

This year we are changing the format for competition at the school level. All battles will be live virtual competitions held on Teams. 

Here is the competition schedule:

Round 1- All teams participate. 2 battles in this round- Top 5 scoring teams will advance to Round 2.
                    Round 1 - First battle 3/10/21             Round 1- Second battle 3/17/21- COMPLETE

Round 2- Top 5 scoring teams from Round 1 will compete. Top 3 scoring teams will advance to Round 3.
                   Round 2- First battle 3/24/21              Round 2- Second battle  3/31/21- COMPLETE

Round 3- Top 3 scoring teams from Round 2 will compete for grade level champion!
                   Round 3- First battle 4/14/21               Round 3- Second battle 4/21/21

Round 4- Grade winning champions from 4th and 5th grade will battle for the title of Rockwell Champion!
                   1 battle= 4/28/21

Here are the standings at the conclusion of Round 2!





Good luck battle Teams!

Mrs. Gordon


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