Hello Beagle Families,

My name is Shelly Gordon. I am the Library Media Specialist here at Rockwell Elementary. I am so happy to continue my life as a Beagle here at Rockwell.

A little about me? I am an artist at heart and spent 10+ years teaching art to students of all ages, and moved across the country a couple of times before finding my forever home here in the PNW! I have a BFA from Southern Oregon University and studied education at Seattle Pacific University. Graduating with a Master's in Teaching and Library Media Endorsement.

As I begin my 6th year here at Rockwell, I am excited to graduate my first class that has been with me since kindergarten. So exciting! I look forward to supporting and hosting many of our in-person and virtual programs and events. Check out the links on the right side of this page to see what is coming up at the Rockwell Library!

My focuses are: building equity in the library collection so that ALL my students can see themselves in the books they find in the library AND learn about other cultures and beliefs as well, finding ways to help all students access our resources, including students with physical challenges, special learning needs and those students coming to us speaking many other languages (other than English-we call them superheroes!).

I look forward to many more years doing my dream job here at Rockwell!



Hello Rockwell Families!

Want to donate books to the Rockwell Library? There are a few ways to do this. First, check out our Amazon Wish List. Just purchase items from the list and they are automatically shipped to the Library. 


Checkout our Amazon Library Wish List!

Have gently used books at home looking for a new home? Used book donations are graciously accepted on a case by case basis. Send Mrs. Gordon an email to get the process started!

Thanks for your generosity and desire to provide our students with awesome books to read!