30th Annual Ecology Run

Ecology Run Final!
Thank you for your incredible generosity during last month's "Outdoor Education" run! Thanks to your thoughtfulness and support, we raised $14,762.48 through direct donations and corporate matching! This will reduce the cost of the program for every fifth grader at our school by $149.16. The Outdoor Education trip is one of the highlights of the elementary experience, and families in grades K-4, thank you for paying it forward! When your young one is in fifth grade, other families will be fundraising for your student as well. Way to go, Rockwell community, and thank you, Mrs. Weinmeister and Mrs. Conklin, for your leadership of this important program. 

The Ecology Run will be held on Friday, April 19th

Every spring, the fifth grade classes get to go to Camp Seymour in Gig Harbor for a three-day, two-night field trip. This awesome experience is our “Outdoor Education” camp, where the kids learn about nature and ecology (hence, the “ecology run”) among other things. The cost of this camp to our families can be a burden, so we hold this fundraiser to offset some of the expense. The Ecology run is a one-day fun run to raise money for every fifth grader, and whatever is raised is divided evenly by the number of students attending camp to reduce the cost for every family.
The donations are all flat donations – they are not based on the number of laps that are run. We really encourage every child at Rockwell to participate if possible – because eventually every child will become a fifth grader and receive these benefits for their own outdoor ed experience. To encourage participation, we offer some prizes to set goals for the kids.

For more information download the Ecology Run Packet here.