Curriculum & Instruction

Information regarding Washington State assessments and Report Cards.

Report Cards

  • Information regarding Report Cards
    Information regarding report cards can be found on this LWSD website. Report cards are designed to provide students, parents and teachers information on how well students are performing as they progress through the curriculum.
  • Parent Access & Skyward Gradebook
    From October 4, 2010, student grades and assignments will be available to parents. This link gives instructions on how to access Parent Access & Skyward Gradebook.

Testing & Assessments

  • Testing & Assessments
    This link describes some of the tests and assessments used to gain a snapshot of your child's progress, including DIBELS and MSP.
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) - Detailed Information
    For 2014-2015, students will be tested against the Common Core State Standards using a new standardized test. The test the state of Washington will use is being developed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Corsortium (SBAC).