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The role of the school counselor is to support all students in establishing positive social skills, problem solving and conflict resolution, recognizing their own feelings and behaviors, effectively using coping skills, demonstrating empathy and compassion, and personal self-growth.  In order to meet the needs of our Rockwell students, I support them in a variety of different ways:


Individual Student Check Ins:

Students may request to see me or may be referred by a teacher or parent. Unlike outside therapy, student check-ins are usually brief and solution focused.

While we are engaged in remote learning, students may request to check in with me by sending me an email or by filling out a Counselor Check-In Request form.


Small Groups:

I offer small group counseling for students who need extra support. Sample group topics may include making friends, divorce, building social skills, anxiety, self-esteem and growth mindset. Students are referred to groups by teachers or guardians.

If you would like to refer your child to a small group or want more information about small groups, please email me at


Parent Consultation

Parents often reach out to me with questions or concerns about that student.

I can be reached anytime via email While we are engaged in remote learning, I am also available to virtually meet with parents. Please email me to schedule a time for us to meet.


Family Support

I work with families to connect them with resources within our school and community.

To learn more about opportunities that may be available for your family, please complete the Rockwell Family Resource Survey.  

For a list of community resources, please visit the Lake Washington School District website’s Community Resources page.


Counselor Lessons:

All students receive social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons that I teach in the classrooms.  The counselor lessons include topics such as problem solving, empathy, emotion management and bullying prevention. Students will continue to receive SEL lessons and activities while engaged in remote learning.


You can learn more about my role as a school counselor through these Frequently Asked Questions.

Mrs. Bauer

Parent Night Recording: Emotion Management

Many kids are experiencing strong emotions recently as they are navigating remote learning and the greater stressors of the world around us. Parenting through these big feelings has become an essential skill for most of us as we work to support our children and help them to learn strategies for regulating these strong emotions. Join me and other Rockwell parents for a  virtual parent discussion to learn about emotion management and how to support your child with managing their big feelings. We will learn about what happens in your child’s brain when they are faced with a strong emotion and strategies for helping your child stay in control.

Please click here to watch the recording of this event.

Parent Night Recording: Anxiety in Children

Many children feel worried or fearful at times, and it is natural for everyone to experience some levels of anxiety, especially during these uncertain times. Some level of anxiety can even be productive and helpful to our performance. But too often anxiety levels can soar and cause children and adults to feel incapacitated and overwhelmed. At the “Anxiety in Children” parent night, we learned about the characteristics of anxiety and suggested strategies to help children cope with anxiety. If you attended or viewed the Emotion Management parent night, this event will provide new information and strategies directly related to addressing anxiety.

Please click here to watch the recording of this event.