Staff Directory and Contact

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Office Staff

Principal: Michael Clark - [email protected]

Associate Principal: Ryan Scott - [email protected]

Office Manager: Julie Wulf - [email protected]

Student Secretary: Inez Mobley - [email protected]

Office/Health Room Secretary: Diane Fairbanks - [email protected]

Health Room Secretary: Sayori Hinitz - [email protected]


Mrs. Cara Balfour - [email protected]

Miss Jayden Johansen - [email protected]

Mr. Chris McElrea - [email protected]

Mrs. Danielle Power - [email protected]

Miss Hanah Rasmussen - [email protected]



Mrs. Toni Gibson - [email protected]

Ms. Molly Linnell - [email protected]

Mrs. Jaclyn O'Leary - [email protected]

Miss Meredith Rapp - [email protected]

Miss Meghan Whitestone - [email protected]



Mrs. Liz Finocchio - [email protected]

Ms. Evelle Gentry - [email protected]

Mrs. Gina Holmen - [email protected]

Mrs. Gena Thome - [email protected]




Miss Adrienne Biglow - [email protected]

Ms. Rebecca Breier - [email protected]

Mrs. Cari Raffel - [email protected]

Miss Shelby Yasuda - [email protected]


Mr. Ben Corey - [email protected]

Ms. Heather Hein - [email protected]

Miss Sarah Ianni - [email protected]

Ms. Denise Long - [email protected]




Mrs. Debbie Conklin - [email protected]

Mr. Julian Cortes - [email protected]

Mrs. Kim Honkawa - [email protected]

Mrs. Mary Kay Weinmeister - [email protected]





Mrs. Kristin Bauer - Counselor [email protected]

Dr. Paula Zatko - Psychologist [email protected]

Ms. Shelly Gordon - Library Media Specialist - [email protected]

Ms. Irene Chen - Music - [email protected]

Ms. Josie Latiolais - Music - [email protected]

Ms. Christine Cottom - PE - [email protected]

Mrs. Michelle Horner - PE - [email protected]

Mrs. Lynette Friesen - ELL - [email protected]

Ms. Rosina Bell Games ELL - [email protected]

Ms. Megan Johnson - Special Education - [email protected]

Ms. Michelle Geraghty - Special Education - [email protected]

Ms. Elicia Rogers - Occupational Therapist - [email protected]

Ms. Haley Carlborg - Speech-Language Pathologist - [email protected]

Ms. Shelina Williams-Martinez - Physical Therapist - [email protected]

Ms. Joleen Komlodi - Safety Net [email protected]

Ms. Ari Katir - Nurse [email protected]

Ms. Joy Pearson - Extended Day [email protected]




Classified Staff

Mrs. Brenda Christ - IA [email protected]

Mrs. Diane Doyle - IA/Para [email protected]

Mrs. Stacy Hatch - IA [email protected]

Ms. Carrie Mussey- IA [email protected]

Mrs. Amanda Nappen - IA [email protected]

Mrs. Thayne Orgill - IA/Para [email protected]

Mrs. Karen Osborn - IA [email protected]

Ms. Joy Pearson - IA [email protected]

Ms. Amber Price - Para [email protected]

Ms. Shelly Rice - Para [email protected]

Mrs. Debbie Ward - IA [email protected]

Ms. Young Jae Tockey - IA [email protected]

Mr. Chandara Hun - Custodian [email protected]

Mrs. Rita Yiu - Custodian [email protected]